Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ultimate Garage, Car #4

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The top photo is a stock C2 Corvette (1967) while the bottom is a resto-mod 1963 Corvette.

I am not picky and would happily buy a 1964 Corvette---the least expensive C2---as the basis for my resto-mod. Make no mistake: I LOVE the way these cars look and this is probably at the top of my wish list, but I would not want to drive a car with a carburetor or drum brakes no matter what it looks like.

A resto-mod C2 Corvette is the car about which I dream the most. I would want modern convenience, a modern drive train and modern brakes. I would want lots of horsepower and torque, but not so much that the car is not drivable.  I would not want ridiculously large wheels/tires and would not want the car "slammed" to the ground.

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